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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 25, 2010 9:00am-11:00am EST

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bill: this is a fox news alert, we have new videotape coming into "america's newsroom" of a passenger jet that crashed early this morning, rescue crews, desperately trying to find any survivors after an ethiopian airlines plane caught fire and crash going the mediterranean sea, 90 people on board at that time good morning, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett in for bill hemmer here in "america's newsroom". martha: i'm march contramaccallum, the crash on this -- the investigation on this crash is on this hour. no survivors have been found as of yet. gregg: the plane was headed to ethena's capitol and family awaits word on relatives and what caused that plane to crash. greg, are there any signs of survivors?
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>> >> reporter: nothing yet, gregg and martha, but you noted a frantic search for survivors, the fear is all on board that airplane died off the crash of beirut, near lebanon. i'm told the u.s.s. ramage, an american destroyer that happened to the in port in beirut is involved in the search, as well as a t-13 maritime search and rescue aircraft, also of american denomination. no u.s. casualties have been reported, most of the casualty the -- casualties, lebanese, ethiopian, most on board, lebanese, ethiopian, one canadian, 2brits, i'm told on background there are dual nationals in beirut, that is individuals carrying a lebanese and american passport and american officials are still not ruling out the possibility there could be american casualties involved, gregg. gregg: we do have live pictures of the hospital nearby where some people
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hope to have been taken were there to be any survivors but greg any speculation on what caused this crash? >> reporter: what's it it is, speculation. we are told it was very bad weather overnight, a lot of thunderstorms and the bad weather is a reason being looked at for the crash. lebanese officials are ruling out right now terror or sabotage. -- sabotage, a just cial can't confirm or deny that. flames were coming from the plane shortly after it went down off the coast of lebanon. cit is the aircraft leasing company which actually, ethiopian airports was using, a new york-based firm so certainly mechanical questions will be raised. we tried to reach cit and no one was in the office when we tried. one thing we do know, gregg, if there's anything good to come out of this, this crash happened over water. we know from our experience, in beirut, that airport is right up against pretty densely populated areas outside of the downtown area
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of beirut, but again, the search goes on for any survivors, right now the fear is all 90 will be dead in this incident, gregg. gregg: greg palkot in london, thank you very much. investigators are looking for answers in iran after a jetliner there carrying 170 passengers and crew made a crash landing in the northeastern part of the country, at least 46 people injured, when the back of the russian-made plane caught fire as it tried to lan in dense fog. local news agencies saying iranian aviation officials unablely blaming the pilot for the accident as he was forced to make an emergency landing because of a sick passenger. martha: significant turn of developments over the weekend in the u.k., the british government is raising its threat alert to severe, which means that a terror attack is now highly likely, they're saying in great britain. homeland secretary said the
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u.s. faces real threat from terrorism and urges everybody living or traveling to the u.k. to be more aware. and u.s. officials analyze ing a message reportedly from blawm sawed, the terror leader claiming responsibility for the blawming of a jetliner on christmas day, in this tape osama bin laden warns of more attacks on the united states and praises suspected terrorist u man farouk abdulmutallab, calling him, quote, a hero fighter. the white house says it cannot confirm as of yet the awe thoantivity of this tape we will be live at the white house with the latest. good morning, molly. >> reporter: the tape is not authenticated but officials tell us there's never been a fake tape from the terrorist leader, a u.s. official tells us that osama bin laden appears to be trying to attach himself to the underwear bombing operation, calling suspect u man farouk abdulmutallab a hero. al-qaeda in the arabian
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peninsula took responsibility for that bombing on christmas day, but the intelligence community doesn't think that the central al-qaeda group necessarily gives orders to al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, that they may have shared ideology but they don't necessarily cooperate tactically. now, in the tape, bin laden also says that america can never dream of living in peace unless there is peace in palestine. >> it is unfair that you enjoy a safe life while our brothers in gaza suffer greatly. therefore, with god's will, our attacks on you will continue as long as you continue to support israel. >> reporter: a u.s. official says that the palestinian cause has not really resonated with bin laden's followers in the past. now, white house secretary robert gibbs would not comment directly on any possible link between bin
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laden and the underwear bombing suspect, but here is his reaction to the new tape >> i think everybody in this world understands that this is somebody that has to pop up in our lives over an audiotape because he's nothing but a cowardly, murder reduce -- muderous thug and terrorist. >> reporter: republican senator john mccain told cbs that any chance of finding a possible link between the underwear bombing suspect and bin laden evaporated when the government decided to try the bombing suspect in a federal court. mccain says that's when he lawyered up and stop cooperating with interrogators. martha: we'll talk about whose decision it was to go about that interrogation that way. molly line in front of the white house, much. gregg: osama bin laden, last heard from in september. since 2001 at least 30 different messages have been attributed to the leader, u.s. year the u.s.
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authenticated eight messages from him, many tirades against the u.s. and our support for israel. in his last message in september, bin laden urged european countries to reconsider their involvement in afghanistan. well, now his message is squarely aimed at the united states. we're going to take a closer look at all of that next, right here on "america's newsroom". martha: after a tumultuous year, president obama is working hard on his first state of the union address to the nation, aides say the president's speech will refocus but not redefine his presidency, it will put a strong focus on job plans. we'll examine what that means with action with regard to that and ways to help the struggling middle class, with a new focus on the middle class, we're told. the president will deliver that wednesday night, january 27th. we'll have full coverage. watch it live here on fox. gregg: as president obama works to put his first year
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in office in perspective, his predecessor, george w. bush has been out of office for a year, he has stayed mostly out of the public eye steve centanni, with how the president began his work last week with former president bill clinton on haiti. steve, tell us about that. >> well, as you know, gregg, the president kept fairly quiet over this past year. as he said during a recent white house appearance with bill clinton on that haiti relief evident, he's learning there is life after the white house and the president has been living it to the fullest, just not always in the public eye. after leaving the capitol on inaugural day, the president returned to dallas where he and laura bought a home in an exclusive neighborhood, he also made a few appearances both paid and unpaid, he threw on the the first pitch for the texas rangers, which is a team he once owned, attended church service and when pressed to comment on his success of the oval office, the president said obama was not
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his first choice for the job but he deserves, quote, my silence. one analyst thinks mr. bush enjoys being out of the limelight but is also trying to advance a larger goal. >> the political side of it, i think, reflects his belief that his reputation long term will be determined by the judgment and consensus of history, not by how well he manages new cycles or how vigorously he pushes back every time president obama or somebody in the white house, you know, takes a shot at the bush record. >> reporter: and of course, the president's reputations do mellow as time gone on with we saw with truman, nixon and george herbert walker bush. gregg: president obama's attacks on his predecessor notwithstanding, president bush does have his defenders, doesn't he? >> there's been no shortage of voices defending the bush record and the first in line
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has been vice president dick cheney, for his part, president bush has made symbolic guessures on how he feels about current affairs. he made the visit to fort hood in the aftermath of the shooting there. the photograph shows george bush and laura bush visit wg trish royer and major randy royer ever alabama who told us he would vote for george w. bush again if he had the chance. gregg: steve centanni, thank you. martha: we have a new message from al-qaeda's leader this this weekend and one analyst thinks it suggests the possibility of new terror attacks in the weeks to come. we're going to show you why that is now a concern in three minutes from now. gregg: plus president obama pumping up his political team in the wake of scott brown's gop win in massachusetts. coming up we'll take a closer look at just how the white house is reacting to the changes in the u.s. senate.
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gregg: more now on the top story, al-qaeda's leader reportedly warning of new plots against the united states in a taped message, saying he's behind the attempted bombing of a flight headed to detroit christmas day. american officials are trying to authenticate that message. they are also trying to interpret its meaning. why are we hearing from bin laden now? peter livingston is a terrorism expert and chairman and ceo of executive action. he joins us live. neil, intel center, which is a group that monitors islamists said that bin laden's word choice is very interesting here as a possible indicator of an upcoming attack. specifically, this. let's put it up on the screen. the phrase "peace be upon those who follow guidance" appears at the beginning and end of messages released in advance of attack. and they note that very same language was used just before attacks in islamabad, june 2008 and london, july
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july 2005. what do you think, is this a trigger, a signal? >> it could very well be. and what he has said, which plays very well on the arab street or the muslim street, is that the united states enjoys a certain amount of comfort and security in the world, but that the palestinians of the gaza don't have that same comfort and security and until they do have it, that we are going to be essentially targets. so he's really saying that until we get some relief for the palestinians, that this war is going to go on and we're going to be in the cross hairs. gregg: whether or not bin laden's periodic messages here are triggers for new attacks, do his words when they're disseminated serve to inspire individuals who are inclined to act, and by that, i mean folks like abdul -- abdulmutallab and major nidal hasan. >> we have to remember that bin laden is probably hunkered down some place
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like south waziristan, any outside contact is dangerous for him, so he doesn't really have the opportunity to micromanage these operations, is he -- so he is an inspirational leader, so if he can get a message out that essentially takes credit for the december 25 attack or says there will be new attacks in the future, in a way it's a bit of public relations. it does really attract support throughout that part of the world, and it does put him out front should an attack occur. he can then claim credit for it. gregg: our government is saying well, he's just trying to appear relevant these days. what do you make of the new warnings, though, that al-qaeda may be looking to unleash female, nonarab-looking attackers, homicide bombers? >> they've been trying to recruit so-called nonarab nonarabbic-looking bombers,
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both male and female, for the last several years. we know that they've had an effort underway. we had a guy that we arrested not long ago in the united states who had actually changed his name from a muslim name to a very typical american name. all of these things are designed to lower their, shall we say, visibility when they go through security, trying to get on a plane, and so we've got to be very careful right now that they don't succeed in doing so. gregg: sure, they continue to adjust their tactics, according to the security barriers we set up. very quickly, the united kingdom has elevated its terror standing to severe, we have not. why? >> i came through that security on saturday, from london, and they say that they have threats, not specific, but general chatter, if you will, that suggests that they are very
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acidusely -- assiduously trying to mountain attack on aviation and they think it may come from europe so the brits have scaled up security and everyone goes through not only one level of security, the regular security we see at the airport today, through the maginot tometer and x-ray machine, but when you get to your gate you actually have to go through a patdown and and they go through all of your carry-on luggage. gregg: neil livingston, terrorism expert, thank you very much. >> thank you. martha: the obama administration says they want to bring down the decifit but the question is how do they plan to go about that, the earmark, the stimulus, the billions in entitlement spending all look to be off limits. in three minutes we'll see if a big fat tax hike could be part of that plan. gregg: and an angry mistress getting major revenge on her married lover. oh man, pretty wild, isn't it? who's on this billboard and
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what did they do to deserve the public shame?
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gregg welcome back. crews are working to protect wildlife areas very close to a massive oil spill in texas. coast guard officials saying more than 400,000-gallons of oil, spilled into port arthur, after an oil tanker collided with a vessel this weekend, the cause is still under investigation. hundreds of residents affected by that spill were put knew that nearby shelters, the coast guard says the tanker and toeing vessel -- towing vessel have been separated without any more oil leaking out. martha: president obama is expected to address the nation's huge decifit in his state of the union address on wednesday night, but it comes at a time when congress is getting ready to raise america's credit limit to nearly $14.3 trillion.
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that's like the nation's credit card, how much they are allowed to northbound debt, okay? if we hit that, the size of our debt could become larger, get this, than the size of the entire u.s. economy. imagine if things worked that way at home, right? fox business network's liz mcdonald joins us. these two ideas seem contradictory, congress wants to raise the debt limit and now we're supposed to believe the white house wants to get serious about decifit reduction? >> yeah, and you can bet the president will try to address this in the state of the union address this week, martha, but fox business found $900,000,000,000.1.5 trillion in cuts that the government can make and these are suggestions from government officials, so taxpayers are basically paying bureaucrats to come up with ideas and ways to cut the decifit. they don't need to raise it by $1.4 trillion a debt ceiling, they can make the cuts instead. martha: i mean, we heard so much from the president about how the health care reform plan was going to be
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decifit-neutral and that there would be a lot of cuts going into making that happen. he also campaigned on a line by line, you know, taking a scalpel to the budget in the federal government. what happened to that? >> reporter: that has morphed into a decifit commission that will likely come up with ideas such as a value-added tax which some chis economists think would enhance the economy or raising the retirement age beyond the age of 65 or so. but they could do things like sell the $1.2 trillion in federal property that the u.s. government owns that sits there abandoned like in places like chicago or, you know, throughout the midwest. so there are other ways to cut the decifit besides raising -- doing more to raise spending. martha: and basically adding taxes, is what you're suggesting. >> yeah. martha: and expanding the period of time under which people can start to receive retirement benefits, right? yeah yeah -- >> reporter: yeah, any time you see a commission that's a failure of the political process, when you leave it to a
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commission to try to do things like tackle the decifit. so you can bet you'll see that or the retirement age suggestions, retirement age to go up. martha: that's pretty amazing. i want to reiterate the debt limit that congress is proposing exceeds the entire u.s. economy. >> reporter: that's right, the 1.45 trillion thatby saw exceeds the gdp of half the nations on the earth and almost approaches france's gross domestic product. that's the waste in government in the federal property thatby saw -- that we saw that could be sold off. instead of raising the debt ceiling, there are other ideas out there. martha: liz mcdonald, thank you very much, good to see you as always. gregg: we are just minutes ahead of the opening bell, and by the way, is your wallet a little lighter? the president's war on wall street last week cost investors billions of dollars. we're going to see if they can get some of that money back this week. martha: we'll see how things are today. president obama, ahead of his state of the union address, just ahead, how his
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plan to rescue health care reform, as well as his economic policy, is sitting with his critics on the left, right after this. >> we've got to get this done of the we've got to get it done this year, we've got to get it done this year, both in the house and in the senate and we don't have any excuses. the stars are aligned. the time is now. >> fixing what's wrong with our health care system is no longer a luxury we hope to achieve. it's a necessity we cannot postpone any longer. it is time to deliver. >> we have finally decided to fix what's wrong with health care right now, at this moment. i don't want to accept no for an answer. we need to get this done. >> now is the time to do it. >> health care reform this year.
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gregg some 50,000 people left homeless by the earthquake in haiti, now living on a golf course in port-au-prince, the u.s. military has set up shop at a clowb house, using it as a home base for providing aid.
9:30 am
brian wilson is live at port awe port-au-prince with more hi brian. >> reporter: you know, we are on what normally be the first fair way of the bentonville club, the place where the rich and famous came to play golf but today it is home to, as you said, haiti's poorest people. behind me, just behind that grove of trees, are 50,000 people living in make-shift tents and up the hill the u.s. army, the first squadron of the 73rd cab is here, and in just a while they're going to bring out these giant pallets of food. in the past, they've been feeding them with small daily rations, they're going to try something different. probably 20-pound bags of food, beans, rice, cooking oil will slide down a tarp to the bottom of the hill and that will keep the folks there fed for about a week and that will allow the military to go on and do other things, rather than worry just about the daily rations of food. i spoke to the man in charge, lieutenant colonel
9:31 am
david foster about the resiliency of the haitian people. take a listen. >> -- your interaction with the people of haiti, how has that gone? >> it's been phenomenal, it's been one of the bright spots since we've been down here. from the moment we hit the ground the haitian people have helped themselves and without their help we wouldn't ab traction ofo fraction of where we are now. >> reporter: they are very resilient. >> unfortunately so. they are good at suffering. they are passionate about helping each other and are incredibly, incredibly resourceful. >> reporter: they're very happy people down there, because they are getting food. there are many parts of the city where food still is not getting through. there is a need for food, water and medical supplies, even now. back to you. gregg: brian wilson, live in port-au-prince. martha: what a quote, experts at suffering. that is sadly true for the haitian people. but millions of dollars in earthquake aid have been pouring in to help haiti in the ways we just heard
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about. so far the united states leads other nations by a huge amount in total donations. the u.s. has contributed $563 million in aid to these relief efforts. in comparison, china has given close to 7 million, compared to the 563 million. france, we're told, is pledging more than $18 million in earthquake relief funds. so i know that the haitian people of course are grateful to everybody. the united states has been, you know, characteristically generous in this case as we've seen so many times in history. gregg: all right, some doubts about the future of the federal reserve chairman, casting a dark pall over wall street. economists say if ben bernanke does not get another four-year term, it may raise the risk of a double-dip recession. that's when an economic recovery suddenly collapses into yet another recession. last week, fears over bernanke's prospects drove wall street to its worst performance in ten months, but over the weekend, three more u.s. senators predicted
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he will be confirmed, the vote is expected later this week. martha: president obama expected to hammer on health care, unemployment, jobs, and the economy in his first state of the union address on wednesday night. white house press secretary robert gibbs had a preview on fox news sunday. check it out. >> what you're going to hear from the president is the same thing you heard from him over the past several years, and that is that for far too long, people in this country felt like washington was about the special interests and not about them. that's why they're frustrated. martha: all right, so you hear robert gibbs there basically saying stay the course, from the white house. is that the right move? professor of advanced political studies at washington university, a fox news contributor, andrea tantara joins us as well a. conservative column nis out of, both are fox forum contributors as well. let's make a big contribution here as well. good morning, good to see you both. >> thank you martha. >> good to see you.
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martha: bob, you couldn't help by listen and watch the shows and get the message from the white house that you know what, this is what we're elected to do, the american people want these things from us in terms of health care reform. stay the course. health care reform needs to stay on course. >> well, it needs to stay on course. the problem of course is you can't get it passed. one thing that was a little misleading here is that obama promised to get health care passed in the house and senate. in fact, he did. he was within about 24 hours of having a final bill when the massachusetts election happened. so for his critics on the right and left and my side, from the left, it's been very cloud on this -- very loud on this and john what they expect him to do. he's done everything he possibly can, except now the one thing they hasn't done and i criticize him for and the rest of the left has, he's let the republicans get away with murder here. it's time for him to call the republicans out. martha: on what, bob? call them out on what? >> huh? martha: on what?
9:35 am
>> on virtually everything. the -- virtually everything. the fact of the matter is nobody expected when barack obama was elected president he would get no support from republicans at all and he kept trying to be bipartisan about it. you only try that so long. martha: andrea, how you can expect them to be supportive of this plan when the american people, the majority of the american people, were not supportive of this plan, why would they do that? >> bob, to your point about obama passing this health care bill, that's fine and dandy but it's a bill that americans don't want. the latest ras mussel poll today, 61 percent of americans say stop focusing on health care and focus on the economy. and very arrogantly and very confidently david axelrod said this weekend if he would do anything different, he said no, that gives me all -- that leads me to believe they're just going to keep plowing ahead at their own peril, forget republicans. this is not about republicans. you can not run against us or run against george bush.
9:36 am
this is about a very distracted, unfocused president, who can't even get his team to get the job numbers right. yesterday you heard three different stats on the administration. martha: bob, i do want to get your reaction to this as well, because what we're getting, the indication we're getting, is that in this address, we'll continue to see the finger pointed at banks, at wall street, at corporations. you know, i spoke to a number of people about this over the weekend, said look, do you think the job generators in this country, it is not fitting for the president of the united states to be pointing the finger and slamming -- we all know there was guilt really to go around on capitol hill, there was guilt in terms of the economic crisis, certainly in some of the financial industries as well. is that a wise move to keep pointing the finger at the job creators of this country? >> first of all, let me just say one past thing that andrea said, if you say nothing to the republicans, get out of here, get out of our way. you don't want to get govern, get out of the way. >> get out of your way.
9:37 am
>> wait a second. it hasn't -- we've gotten nothing out of this. let's get back to city corp and goldman sachs do not create jobs, so what we're seeing here, they do take taxpayer money and what he's saying is it's time to tax them to get the money back. martha: but bob -- >> wait a second. it's got to go on the floor of the house and the senate. the real issue is the democrats are going to vote for t let's see where the republicans come down on protecting big bankers. because you know you're going to -- >> they don't create jobs? i'm not a member of congress, but -- >> you think they -- >> i'm not a member, bob. i'm not a member. listen, i will tell you what really creates jobs are the small businesses, and barack obama keeps loading these onerous tax burdens. look, the guy needs to stop with health care and get on the economy. martha: let me back up a minute. you might say citigroup and goldman sachs don't create jobs. first of all, a lot of
9:38 am
people work for those companies, okay? a lot of people work for the companies that do business with those companies. you want to talk about creating and saving jobs and the way that they're calculating it, how to do it, you know, every job that is saved or created, then you know, the spinoff from that job is also counted as a job to be created? if you keep pointing the finger at these huge industries in america that have built america to a great extent, it will come back to bite you in this economy. >> he needs an enemy. he needs an enemy. >> city bank built america as an industry? >> that's not what i said, bob, i said they do employ people, okay, and they also have -- in terms of the industries and people they lend to and work w. across this country, and around the world, mistakes were made, we all know that, but to say that these are -- and i'm not just talking about citigroup and -- citycorp and goldman sachs, i'm talking about every bank that would be affected by this tax aches, all of this, if you're going to talk about creating jobs and
9:39 am
saving jobs this this country, which we know the president is going to talk about, you cannot continue to vilify this entire sector of the u.s. economy. >> he needs an enemy. you heard bob -- >> wait a second. >> republicans, any -- >> if you want to gang up here, go ahead and gang up, that's fine, and if you want to continue to protect goldman sachs and city corp, who took taxpayer money and gave themselves billions in bonuses, go ahead and do that, get yourself on the record as doing that, you're going to lose that battle. martha: all right. as i said, mistakes were made, i don't think anybody thinks those bonuses should be handed out. all i'm saying is if you continue -- if you think -- bob, what do you expect him to say when he talks about jobs? if the focus is now going to be on jobs and the economy which i think you'll get unanimous agreement across this country that is where the focus needs to be, what is going to be proposed in that regard on wednesday night? >> there's going to be several things. one is going to be tax credits for small businesses, there's going to be more infrastructure spending for private
9:40 am
companies. martha: so increase the stimulus if you're talking about -- you're talking about more stimulus. more spending. >> wait, excuse me. is there something wrong with cleaning up the infrastructure in this country? martha: no, i think a lot of people would like to see that happen. >> wasn't that what he was supposed to do, bob? that $780 billion stimulus, isn't that what the stimulus was supposed to do. >> >> for a party of blow hards you guys have done nothing to help this country along. if you want to criticize, keep -- blow hards, you got it. if you want to keep doing that and not contribute anything, then that's your problem. i mean, you know, it's -- the fact of the matter is, the fact of the matter is, things need to get done here, republicans have offered nothing. i think on health care, by the way, the president ought to invite the republicans down to the white house again, and say all right, what's your ideas? you come up with -- martha: you just said get out of the way, which one is it. you want our help or not? >> unlessure willing to
9:41 am
help, get out of the way. if you will, the bill is on the table. >> i don't think there's any help in you. martha: evan bayh is saying he wants the president to stand up on wednesday night, draw a line in the sand and implement a total spending freeze across government. he says people -- i'm sure he knows he's stretching but he thinks there's a chance that the president might say that in the speech. harold ford, jr., who is interested in further office for also, he's coming out and saying, you know, cut taxes for businesses and other people are saying what about leaving the bush tax cuts in tact, at least for now. any of those ideas appeal to you? >> he should. he should. >> yes, what does is across the board spending freeze, which includes the defense department, medicare, medicaid. i mean, those are the things, if you're willing to do it across the board, then i think it makes sense. the question is folks voting for an across the board freeze, i doubt it.
9:42 am
would you vote -- >> he favors this decifit panel to monitor federal spending but that's not going to go into effect conveniently until after the election, until he -- so he has all this time to spend. >> all government -- are you in favor of an all-government freeze or not? if you're -- this is wonderful. okay, fine, medicare and medicaid, want to make sure we've got that in the record. >> he needs to stop spending. >> i just want to makure you're on the record. martha: we've got andrea on the record, across the board freezing freeze. you've got important ideas and i appreciate you talking with them about this this morning. gregg: you may recall candidate obama ridiculed a guy named john mccain when he proposed a spending freeze. we're going to talk about that in the next hour. new research on overweight teens in america, turning up a dangerous new trend. we're going to show what has doctors deeply worried now.
9:43 am
plus, new york's police commissioner is talking about the new york city khalid shaikh mohammed. his concern, straight ahead. >> did you make a recommendation? >> did we? we were not given the opportunity to make a recommendation. this was on the morning of november 13th, i received a call from the u.s. attorney, around the same time the mayor received a call from the attorney general stating that the announcement was going to be made, at i think 11:00 that morning.
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martha: harsh words from new york city's top cop as he weighs in on president obama and the justice department. listen to this, new york police commissioner ray kelly blasting the decision to hold the upcoming terror pliel of khalid shaikh mohammed in lower manhattan. -- trial of khalid shaikh mohammed. listen to what he had to say. >> i'm not going to go there because it's an accomplished event, all right? now, i'm not certain if it does any good to to go back and reargue this case. i'm telling you, this was presented to us as an accomplished fact. soo prone inaudible question question [gleen in the future, i think we'd obviously be you might say a
9:47 am
little bit more on guard for events that may happen. martha: consulted on having those trials held here. commissioner kelly also went on to say the upcoming trial raises the threat level in his mind for the entire city of new york. the former head of new york's antiterror task force is just ahead on this huge story today. gregg new research from federal health officials say one out of every five u.s. teenagers has high cholesterol, one out of five, and it's increasing the hsk of -- the risk of heart disease in the future, new evidence obesity is making children prone to illnesses once thought to be limited to adults. joining us is the author of the f tractor diet, the secret to permanent weight loss. tanya, good to see you. 30 percent of teenagers are overweight? >> 30 percent are overweight, 15 percent are obese, and out of those 15 percent, 40 percent of
9:48 am
them have elevated cholesterol levels. gregg the other thing i read in the report, roughly 15 percent of nonoverweight kids have high lip id levels, high cholesterol, too. what is it, lifestyle that is causing this, genetics? >> when we look at the difference between the percent of normal weight children, that's 14 percent have elevated cholesterol, and have that fraud drupeled to 40 -- quadrupled to 14 percent of the obese kids, it plays a factor in cholesterol. of course it's a predisposition but lifestyle adds to it so more overwatt you are the more chance of elevated cholesterol. gregg: dr. marc siegl said all kids ought to have their lip id levels tested on a regular basis. doesn't mean you have to take statives but have yourself tested. >> this is where the controversy lies, the american academy of peed rattics have new levels set, they believe that all children over the age of two should get cholesterol tested and the most
9:49 am
controversial part of the guidelines, they are recommending seven drugs for children as young as eight years old. now, that's a big problem. first of all, this has not been tested as far as long term use of statives. especially since they're so young, we don't know if there's cognitive development, growth issues. once again, these statives are going to be abandoned rather than let's treat the problem. that's where lifestyle comes? >> what do you snrem. >> i have great tips. it begins with the parents, a trickle down theory. you you can't recommend their childrens to eth healthy, they can't eat carrot sticks when you're chomping on potato sticks. lead by example. >> what about fine sner. >> we're in a fiber decifit. we've refined our foods, taken whole grains and have white bread, white pasta, these foods not only increase sugar but make us vulnerable to cardiovascular disease. replacing refined carbs with
9:50 am
high fiber carbs is a great start. an average bagel at 711, we're talking 800-calories. if you have a child or teen who's drinking one a day and they cut that out, they could lose 80 pounds in one year. gregg: a nutritional breakfast, as well as exercise is also on the list of tips. thank you very much for being with us, tanya zucker rye. martha: an audiotape reported to be from al-qaeda leader osama bin laden surfaced over this weekend. in it the voice claims responsibility for the failed christmas day bomb plot and threatens more attacks again the united states. just ahead, we're going to show you what you need to know and what the state department is now saying. 
9:51 am
9:52 am
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9:54 am
martha: as you know roland burris is not running again so the race is now back on to fill president obama's old senate seat in illinois. the two candidates that seem to be rising to the top here on the democratic side, it is state treasurer alexie gianuia and on the gop side, congressman mark kirk in the running, through still lots of campaigning that will be done before november. let's go to steve brown and get the scoop on one of the hot races to watch in 2010. talk to me about who the likely republican nominee is, steve. >> well, the primary, martha, comes up a week from tomorrow, and it looks like it's going to be mark kirk, according to all the polls. none of kirk's opponents in any nonpartisan public poll has reached double digits, while kirk has consistently been in the upper 30s and now into the 40s. he has a substantial lead over the rest of the field. sy a 5-term member of congress from north shore
9:55 am
district, district ten here in illinois, which includes some of the most affluent neighborhoods in america, even though it has drifted left and towards democrats over the course of the last four years. he has still won reelection against the democratic tide. he is the odds on, overwhelming favorite for the republican nominee. martha: very interesting. talk to me about the democratic side, who is likely to rise to the top there? >> out in front now and out early is alexi gianuila, state treasurer, he is 33 years old, won statewide election, he became friend of barack obama in the senate race that obama was involved with in illinois. because he raised money, obama endorsed him for the state treasurer's office. he won. he is now oning -- running for u.s. senate and has been out in front. according to the polls, giannoulias is according to the tribune poll the favorite across the board,
9:56 am
even democratic observers not involved in the campaign he's the guy to beat and it looks very difficult to do at this point. martha: there's the background in illinois in a race we'll be keeping a close watch on. steve brown, thank you very much. gregg: an adviser to the president getting attention for much more than his policy position. coming up, see how he earned a place on a billboard put up by a jilted girlfriend. ouch! martha: ca imagine? gregg: find out what his wife is now saying about it. martha: plus, someone, somewhere in the obama administration made the call to give this would-be terrorist the right to remain silent. what are we talking about? the would-be christmas day bomber. so who decided that his status would be that of a regular criminal suspect, instead of a terrorist and enemy combatant? somebody that is a theory on who that person was. we'll tell you, right after this. >> i understand, admiral baer, that in response to senator collins you were not consulted as to what venue the christmas bomber would
9:57 am
be tried in, is that correct? >> yes, sir. >> how about you, mr. liter? >> no, i wasn't. >> secretary napolitano?gton >> secretary napolitano?gton >> no.e. boss: got another one for you. anncr: at, it's easy to get a free rate quote, manage your policy, make payments or even file a claim! boss: now that's a ringtone. gecko: uh's interesting.... certainly not the worst ringtone i've ever heard... ♪ ringtone lyrics: a-ringedy- ding-ding-dingy-dong, ringedy-dong-ding-ding... ♪ gecko (to himself): yeah, that might be the worst. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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a bold honey-cinnamon crunch cereal with complex carbs, and b vitamins. [ peyton ] new wheaties fuel, prepare to win! began began. >> >> >> all right, after a rough week the president looks to make this a better one that's clock ticks down, to his first official state of the union address, this week, two days remain, until that big speech before congress. and the world.
10:00 am
and the president is expected to announce new initiatives aimed at helping the nation's middle class families. and he's getting that under way, during the week and now the white house says the topic will be a major theme in wednesday night's address, and welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." everybody, good morning once again. i'm martha maccallum. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for bill helper and the president and joe biden attending a meeting of the middle class task force this morning. martha: major garrett is live watching it unfold and major, is this speech about reviving the health care debate or economy and jobs, where will we see the real focus here? >> reporter: about the economy and jobs, and you know, the white house begins to roll out the middle class initiatives, two days before the state of the union, wants the country to hear about it and talk about it for the next three days and health care is a mess now and the white house says, what congress can vote for and what it can pass and it will set it aside in large measure to focuses on things, number one, congress wants to talk about, and, with
10:01 am
likelihood -- what can pass in the coming months and a couple of the items the president will unveil, unveiling today and will be a big part of speech, monday and middle class, three items, raising the tax credit for child care and dependent care, basically raising the amounts of expenses you can legally deduct expenses, a family earning up to $115,000, you get a bigger break and you be keep more money and limiting the amount of federal payments to student loans, to 10% of a student's income. and, that means, their payments will be lower, and one problem with that, means banks and the lending institution won't get much money and will put pressures on credit and, number 3, requiring employers to provide automatic enrollment, for investment -- individual retirement accounts, iras and doesn't change the economy but provides people the means to begin saving right away in the workplace for their future and the main, martha these are small
10:02 am
measures but speak to the needs and makes ends meet and the administration has to respond to the recovery and the jobs, because of the preoccupation with health care and that is what it's all about. martha: putting a little bit of money back into people's pockets, which they'll probably appreciate and talk to me about the tone we'll be hearing and we have been hearing the president is going to take a tougher tone in this speech and what does that really mean? >> reporter: look, the white house wants to say something that is generally fundamentally not true, anger elected barack obama and looks, i was on the campaign trail and you watched and martha, millions of americans watched it and we didn't see anger on the banners, we saw hope and change, an optimistic and up beat message and the white house wants to say it is responsive to the frustrations voters feel, principally driven by the economy and here's robert gibbs on "fox news sunday," yesterday. >> you'll hear from the president the same thing you heard from him the past several years and that is for far too long, people in this country
10:03 am
felt like washington was about the special interest and not about them. that is why they are frustrated. >> reporter: and, the president wants to be a vessel not only for that frustration but, also, say he's the instrument to make things better, and after his first year, though and his fall in popularity into the mid 50s, it will be a tougher sell than when he got here a year ago. martha: busy week where you are and where we, a major garrett at the white house and of course, will be full coverage here at fox news as the state of the union address, bret baier will anchor our coverage, wednesday, january 27th, 9:00 am eastern time. gregg: no sign of survivors, the word from aviation officials after an ethiopian plane crashed into the mediterranean and the plane was carrying 90 people on board, when it caught fire, and then plunged into the sea, just minutes after taking off. from beirut's airport. search teams have recovered 23 bodies, so far, and the boeing 737 was heading to the capital of ethiopia and disappeared from
10:04 am
radar shortly after take-off during a thunderstorm, and heavy rain, no word yet on the cause of the crash. and the president of lebanon is ruling out terrorism or sabotage. martha: the state department says there is no indication that usama bin laden or his top lieutenants had anything to do with the failed plane bombing on christmas day. those comments come one day after a new audio tape surfaced, reportedly from bin laden and the voice on the tape recording to claim credit for the attack on behalf of al qaeda and linking the plot to u.s. support for israel. listen to this: >>. >> translator:... we wouldn't have done that by planes. martha: the message praises nigerian suspect umar farouk abdulmutallab as a heroic warrior for following the example of the 9/11 hijackers and an al-qaeda branch in yemen claimed responsibility for the planning the christmas-day bombing attempt shortly after the failed attack. gregg: meanwhile, police
10:05 am
commissioner ray kelly calling out the obama administration, over the way it is handling the 9/11 terror trials, during an event that weekend. the commissioner kelly revealed the n.y.p.d. was never consulted in advance, in the decision to host the trials. just steps from ground zero. he fears the entire city will be in danger. >>... of bringing them to the city, i think it is reasonable to say, common sense says that the threat level is going to be raised as a result of this trial being conducted here. not only will we have to protect the core area of manhattan, we'll have to provide additional security to the entire city. we will have to be prepared, and we are preparing for any contingency. we have to at least plan for the possibility that something will happen here, to garner publicity, from the trial itself.
10:06 am
gregg: joining us now, bob strang of the anti-terrorism task force and the investigate management group ceo, a long and distinguished career in law enforcement, thanks for being with us. >> thanks, gregg. gregg: do you share the commissioner's concern these trials will put the entire city in danger. >> there is no question. we are having trials right in the middle of manhattan for the same reasons we weres attacked two other times will draw the same attention and we will be -- the capital of the media, the capital of the world when it comes to finance, and we have the most people in a condensed space, more than any other city in the country. when you take a look at it, there is no question that this will create a problem for us. gregg: commissioner kelly is a pretty even-tempered guy and you could sense his frustration, if not subdued anger over the fact that nobody ever picked up the phone at the white house to call either the mayor apparently, or the commissioner. is that a bit odd to you?
10:07 am
>> you know, we don't know -- well, first of all, we are not 100% sure, eric holder or the president didn't call mayor bloomberg. and, talk to them before the decision was made. and, clearly, commissioner kelly was not in that loop, and, remember how it works, eric holder works for obama and commissioner kelly works for bloomberg. and, you have to be clear on this. you have to do what your boss wants you to do. the federal government decided the trials will take place in new york, and, you know, kelly is just doing what he has to do and knows he has one of the strongest police departments in the country. capable of keeping a -- us safe and has a thousand people assigned just to terrorism and he's, you know, moving forward with a positive attitude. gregg: the blind sheikh and others associated with the first terror bombing case, the world trade enter in 1993, they were tried here in lower manhattan and other terror trials have been held here and we have been able to survive that without any corresponding attacks. at least that we can determine. are you confident we can do
10:08 am
that? >> gregg, look at it this way, when you are overseas and in afghanistan, pakistan, in yemen, when you are taking evidence, when people -- you are in a war environment, when there is people shooting at your back and you have to control a situation, it is much different than executing a search warrants here in the u.s. the rules of evidence are different. when you are in a war you are not thinking about the defendant's rights, you are not thinking about miranda warnings and chain of custody, you are not thinking of all of those things and it is unfair, when you are not arresting people overseas and making casesover seas they have to be tried in courts set up for that and we are trying people arrested in pakistan and other countries along the border and trying them in u.s. courts. there is no sense. it doesn't fit. gregg: i can envision a judge actually tossing out the case, and we will have to wait and see. bob strang thanks very much. >> gregg, any time. martha: crossing the wires here... very bad news for home sales numbers.
10:09 am
they dropped 17% in the month of december. now, economists were generally looking for a pull back in december. but were looking from the numbers we can see here, somewhere between 9 and 10% lower and 17% drop in home sales, in the month of december and that comes after an increase in home sales in november. of about 7.4%, so, what looked to be a turning-around situation to some extent in november, seems to have reversed itself in a fairly dramatic way during the month of december, down 17%, for home sales in this country and we'll talk to liz macdonald about this and get her take on how surprising the number really is and what the market's reaction might be to it. in a little while. gregg: all right, mother nature unleashing her force during an arizona car show, check this out... powerful winds sweeping up an 800-foot tent. we'll show you the rest of the amazing video. martha: a nigerian man suspected of trying to blow up a passenger
10:10 am
jet gets the triright to remain silent and the right to an attorney, who made that decision? after that break. >> who made the decision since none of you were consulted, who made the decision to go ahead and mirandize the prisoner? >> it was a decision made by the... the fbi, the agent in charge on the scene, consulting with his headquarters and department of justice. >> who authorized him at the department of justice? how high up did it go. >> i don't know. >> did any of -- do any of the rest of you know. >> i don't know, senator. >> okay. want to know how fast it took my stiff joints to feel better? one pack. 6 days.
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gregg: an auction for classic cars, not going quite as planned, in scottsdale, arizona. a massive windstorm swept through taking down a giant temperature. it collapsed on top of the cars, adding dents and scratches to be sure and knicks and bumps maybing the cars look, well, even more antique, i suppose... the wind was so intense it blew the 800-foot tent all the way to the adjacent highway. scottsdale was holding a bunch of classic car sales over the weekend. martha: the white house is defending its decision to give the christmas day bomb suspect the right to remain silent, as a right to a public defender -- and the right to a public defender. the heads of three government agencies in charge of protecting americans say they don't know who decided to treat the terror suspect like a common criminal. and here is arizona senator john
10:14 am
mccain about all of this: >> any chance of finding out usama bin laden's connection with the bombing vanished when the decision was made without consulting any of our intelligence heads, by apparently the justice department with directions to low-level of the fbi, to give this individual civil -- a trial in civil court which, then, gave him his miranda rights and he was lawyered up. he was cooperating until he got a lawyer. martha: byron york is the washington examiner's chief political correspondent and fox news contributor, welcome, good morning to you and it is disturbing when we watched the hearing last week and all of the heads of our intelligence agency, the fbi, head of homeland security sitting there and saying, nobody asked us. i mean, shouldn't all of these people have been consulted before the man was turned over and given his rights and the spigot was cut off to any information he might have? >> well, the fear republicans
10:15 am
have on these committees is that the justice department essentially cut out the intelligence community, out of the decision making. we know that umar farouk abdulmutallab, the accused bomber, was pretty talkative, when he was captured, he talked to the customs and border protection agents who apprehended him and talk to the emts in the ambulance and talked to doctors, and he was interviewed for 50 minutes at -- 5 5-0 minutes, by fbi agents and according to an account, he was injured and he went into surgery and when he comes out the main justice department in washington intervened and he's read his writes and given the right to remain silent and says, nothing more. martha: what does your reporting tell you how far up the chain of command the decision went? >> certainly, members of the senate suspect it went all the way up to attorney general eric holder. who has said publicly, his
10:16 am
preference for treating accused criminals -- excuse me, accused terrorists in the criminal justice system and obviously he is behind giving a civilian trial to khalid sheikh mohammed, the alleged 9/11 mastermind and they think it came from the attorney general. but, they are not entirely sure how the decision was made, and why it was made. martha: you know, i don't want to replay the whole thing now because we don't have enough time and robert gibbs was asked, you know, on "fox news sunday," by chris wallace, so the fbi interrogators, basically believe they got everything they could get out of him and his response was, yep. >> this is the question. we know that umar farouk abdulmutallab was trained by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula and they supplied the bomb and sent him to the united states and there is presumably a lot to learn and i'm told that he is not like somebody in guantanamo bay who has been there for six years and doesn't have any fresh intelligence and this guy was possibly the source of a lot of
10:17 am
fresh intelligence. and yet he was questioned for only 50 minutes, less than an hour, before he was read his rights and then, he shut up. so, the question is, did you learn everything you could have learned at that point? what chris wallace asked several times of robert gibbs yesterday and he finally said yes. but i don't know anybody in the intelligence world who believes that. martha: and you know, michael chertoff pointed out to us, you know, they approved the ability to continue to question a suspect in the kind of situation, for basically as long as they needed, before they started to turn him over to the rest of the process, right? >> they could have -- martha: read him his rights and continued questioning him, is my point. >> exactly. they could have put him in a kind of limbo between civilian and a military prisoner, and they used a court case called quarrels which allows you to question people without miranda rights if you feel there is an imminent threat and there were ways to continue questioning him and the fact is, after less than an hour of questioning, the justice department intervened and he was read his rights and
10:18 am
said nothing else. martha: byron york, thank you very much, interesting piece today. we appreciate you coming on, see you soon. gregg? gregg: he was a successful investor, he was an advisor to the administration, and she was reportedly his girlfriend. but, well he decided to go back to his wife. and, then, a whole -- the whole thing became a very public scandal, and it doesn't get much more public than this. look at that. new twists in the billboard break-up, next.
10:19 am
10:20 am
10:21 am
martha: the old saying, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. and a jilted mistress and have
10:22 am
you seen this? used a billboard, three stories high to prove if the check this out. these apparently are new york and san francisco and atlanta, i believe all the places where this gentleman in the picture lives. the woman in the picture is giovani wilkins, cuddling up to her boyfriend, charles phillips and he's not the ordinary guy you pass on the street, he's the president of oracle and an economic advisor to president obama, we're told and the problem with the picture is phillips was married all these years, and wilkins didn't know that. according to her story, he told her, that he was divorced. and even moved to california with her. according to the story and when she found out the truth, she put up this billboard in times square and atlanta and i believe there is one in san francisco, too and he released a statement, though, to add to the story, today, and admitting to an 8-and-a-half year relationship with her, saying it has since ended and he wishes her well. and did not say he wishes that she would stop putting up
10:23 am
billboards, but we can maybe assume that that would be there as well, right. gregg: if you lie about being divorced you kind of get what you deserve. martha: never seen anything like that. gregg: yeah, all right. candidate barack obama repeatedly slammed the bush administration for doling out sweetheart deals to favored contractors and now fox news is learning that president obama is continuing the practice indeed, awarding a multimillion-dollar deal to a top democratic campaign contributor. james rosen has details now, live from washington. hi, james. >> reporter: gregg, good morning, both as a candidate for president and as president, barack obama has vowed time and again, to end the quote-unquote abuse of several government contracts and that sees private vendors hired by uncle sam without competitive bidding and fox news learned, january 4th, us-aid awarded a sole source, no-bid contract worth nearly $25 billion to a washington, d.c. based firm and the contract will
10:24 am
pay the firm to train lawyers an judges in afghanistan and there by in theory strengthen the rule of law in the war-torn country and checi gave $6600, to the president's campaign beginning in march of 02007 and vo nated to various arms of the -- donated to various arms of the democratic national committee and and, the office of management and budget was sthukted to develop tough guidelines on contracting and in some cases the president said contracts are awarded without competition and that is not acceptable and echoes numerous vows that he made on the campaign trail. >> president barack obama: we'll save billions by cutting waste and improving management and strength anyone oversight and i will ninally ee all-- end the d no-bid contracts and the days of sweet bids with halliburton will be over when i am in the white house. >> reporter: darrell issa the ranking republican on the house
10:25 am
oversight and government reform committee told fox news the checci contract disturbed him and road to the aig administrator requesting all copies of documents relating to the contract on or before february 5th and for his part, he told fox news he learned the $25 million contract had been awarded to his company without competitive bidding after the fact. and, beyond that steered all questions to us-aid which to date has not returned fox news's requests for comment. gregg. gregg: and i checked the candidate obama web site, and no-bid contracts above $25,000. absolutely correct. james, thanks very much. you can see the entire story including a copy of the no-bid contract by going to our own web site, right on the home page, click on the link, "obama donor gets sweetheart contract" and will take you to the complete document and look at a yourself. martha: sometimes wars have collateral damage and, the president's war on wall street it turns out is no exception. he wanted to punish the bankers,
10:26 am
but so far it looks as if 401(k) accounts have been paying part of the big price here and we'll show you how much last week cost ordinary investors. when we come back. @3
10:27 am
10:28 am
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we deliver the salt on precise schedules... and ship it efficiently all along the alaskan coast; saving the fishermen money, and their catch. this is how cargill works with customers. gregg: let's look at the dow jones industrial average, up this morning, on the big board you can see the dow jones up 68 points, and that may be pretty good news for battered investors, last week the president declaring what some call a war on wall street, and at about a 500-point drop as a result and a proposal to rein in banks and investors actually lost what, about 4% of their value, 500 points last week and picking up again today. martha? martha: all right, we have pretty shocking home sales numbers that came out, a few minutes ago. down 17%, for december.
10:30 am
of 2 on the 9 and that is -- 2009, the biggest one-month drop inthan h0 years. now, sales were projected to back off in december and thought they would be down 9, 8 or 9%, roughly, and just the month before, november, sales were up and there is is a reason for that which we'll hear about in a moment and the last time home sales fell was this past august and liz macdonald, we asked her to come in and break it down for us, there is a pretty good reason why we saw a spike in november. >> there was a rush out the door because of the homebuyer credit and the home sales numbers are a leg, in other words, reporting numbers based on september an october sales and at that time, the homebuyer tax credit, the fate of it, the fate of the homebuyer tax credit was uncertain and people worried, we have to take advantage of this and they expired in november and the fact that these numbers coming in, 450,000 below forecast, i mean, is pretty serious and the drop off is over a million homes less that were
10:31 am
sold over november to december. martha: a bit of a rush to take advantage automotive the first time homebuyer credit the government was offering and people thought i am buying a home, before it runs out and now it is extended to april and we may see a pop before april. >> we may but what is key, interest rates, martha, we have talked about this, the federal reserve has been artificially supporting the low interest rates in this country by doing things like buying mortgage backed securities on the market and that program is going to end in march. so the fear is that rates could spike higher, and people taking advantaged of the credit, yeah, you may see people rushing to take advantage of it and see -- may see a bump up in home sales, you are right. martha: it could be the summer before we get a real sense of what the market is really like, and you have these artificial things people have, you know, been grateful for, the first-time home credits, and the government sort of, you know, under -- helping to boost up the mortgage backed securities and once all of that goes away, in the summer you think we might get a better handle on where real estate really is. >> you may get a better handle
10:32 am
and goldman sachs is out with a report, saying that the artificial support, the u.s. government has given the housing market, has added 5% to home prices and when all of that goes away, home prices may come back to where they should be and may be an equilibrium you see by the summertime. martha: before you go, one question about the markets. last week we saw $288 billion, lost in market capitalization and the market backed off big time and a lot of people thought it was attributed to, you know, the president sort of getting really tough with the bankers. >> that's right. martha: instituting new taxes on financial transactions and all kinds of stuff and is that the case, why we saw the pull back. >> that is the talk on wall street, the volcker plan, which was to stop proprietary trading at banks would hurt their profits. and, what is key here for taxpayers, is that we still, taxpayers still own stakes in citigroup and bank of america and wells fargo and all of them were hurt in trading last week with the timing of this announcement. martha: we're all owners of the
10:33 am
big banks now the president is putting some -- what they see as onerous measures on and could hurt our investments. >> that's right, as well. martha: liz macdonald, thank you very much. and next time, bring good news. >> i will, next time, i promise! gregg: getting a handle on the ever-growing deficit, the president is pressing for a bipartisan commission to tackle the problem. head on. but, as the administration talks about trying to lower the deficit, the numbers show a different story and the debt clock in new york's times square, we see it all the time, spinning faster and faster, how can you bring the deficit down when the spending projects are piling up, a republican from texas joins us live, thanks very how much for being with us. and, when the president last addressed congress february of last year, he vowed then that he was going to cut the deficit in half, since then it jumped by $1.4 trillion, principally because of what the president himself has done $787 billion
10:34 am
stimulus plan and signed a 410 billion dollar appropriations bill with 9,000 earmarks and $1.1 trillion omnibus bill he signed with 5,000 earmarks and do we really need, congressman, an expensive commission to tell the president and congress, hey, stop spending? >> well, it seems to me the president is really saying, quick, stop me before i spend again. you are right, it is nancy proposal, harry reid, president barack obama who are on a spending binge, and so it appears to me that the commission, and, listen, we are willing to explore all ideas. but, what we really need is a spending commission, not a deficit commission, the deficit is the symptom, it is spending that is the disease. we could balance this year's budget by simply raising taxes 60%, 60% increase on income taxes, and i fear the commission is just cover to try to put that
10:35 am
kind of massive tax increase on the american people, which will crush an economy that is already suffering through 10% unemployment. gregg: some republicans long called for a spending freeze and in fact john mccain proposed it in september, of 2008, and i looked it up earlier today. at the time, candidate obama ridiculed the idea and how we are hearing it, though from prominent democrats and among them senator evan byah, again a democrat and the president might well announce it on wednesday night. in his state of the union address. would that essentially be an admission by the president, hey, i was wrong and my policies are really out of touch with economic and political reality? >> well, i think so. i mean, listen it would be a baby step in the right direction. but we also have to remember, that 60% of spending is what we call in entitlement or mandatory spending, and all the democrats and the president have done is piled on more entitlement spending which will cause a fiscal ticking time bomb for
10:36 am
future generations, so, yes, i guess it's an admission on the president's part. that, yes, we have to do something and is one of the kind of loom storm clouds of obama-nomics that is keeping people from expanding businesses and creating new jobs, because they wonder, how will we pay for all of this? is there going to be massive inflation or tax increases and that is dampening job growth in america. gregg: you are a republican and don't republicans in congress and the former president, george bush, bear some responsibility? he had a surplus and turned it into a droin dollar deficit. -- trillion dollar deficit. >> one, sure, the short answer is yes, republicans bear some responsibility. but i might add, what are -- our annual deficits used to be are their monthly deficits and i have a record of taking on my party leadership, yes, i thought we spent too much. but i think that we have certainly learned our lesson and
10:37 am
we just know that we're on an unsustainable fiscal path and we have to make sure the federal budget doesn't grow beyond the family budget's ability to pay for it. gregg: one reason people voted for barack obama was because he repeatedly vowed that he would not raise taxes on the middle class. yesterday, his senior advisor, david axelrod said well, we have to deal with the deficit, if anybody hayes plan to do it without raising any tax on anybody, upper income or lower or below, then they should come forward with it. does it sound to you like axelrod and this administration is talking about breaking their promise? taxing the middle and lower class? >> well, we already saw that that particular campaign promise went by the way side on the almost $2 trillion nationalization of health care plan which the voters have now thoroughly repudiated in massachusetts. so, yes, to achieve the
10:38 am
president's spendaholic ways, to achieve that plan, obviously they'll have to raise taxes, and not just on the wealthy, but ultimately, it will be the middle income and these taxes on corporations, ultimately they get passed on through higher prices, as well, and, again what we have to do is control spending, spending is the problem. gregg: congressman, thank you very much for being with us. martha. >> thank you. martha: the texas business mogul who served at the helm of the commerce department during the first bush administration has died. robert mossbacker carved a niv in the political world is a master fund-raiser most recently serving's general campaign chairman for john mccain in 2008. and mosbacher died from complications of pancreatic cancer and our affiliate has on his life. >> robert, adam, mosbacher
10:39 am
senior, success proved a near constant side kick. it was as a young man, aboard sailing craft that the native new yorker first reached a national stage. capturing multiple world championships, and the coveted cover of "sports illustrated." >> thrilling. >> really. >> part-time. >> reporter: while the sea remained his favorite home, texas would become his port of choice. and this january, 2008 interview, he explained why the opportunity and the competition were impossible to resist. >> i have been in the 50 years and i'm a wild cater at heart. >> and a good one, he made a fortune and lots of friends including a fellow northern transplant and oil man named george bush. >> there is one thing you cannot buy anywhere and that is integrity. >> reporter: the close personal and political alliance would
10:40 am
become lifelong. and include mosbacher's appointment as secretary of commerce in the bush administration where he helped initiate the north american free trade agreement. over the decades, no fewer than four republican presidents welcomed his pragmatic counsel. >> you don't compromise your principles. you compromise on those things that will help get things accomplished. >> reporter: part of his personals are s ars are arsena doses of charisma and good humor. >> i said, your majesty, this is bob mosbacher and the king looked at the president an sid, mr. president, this man is a son of a bitch. >> and turned out he and the king of spain were old sailing buddies and at the tender age of 81, the veteran wildcater hid one more political gusher in august of 2007 after pundits
10:41 am
wrote off as dead the broken, floundering presidential campaign of john mccain, he leaped into the fray with fund-raising advice and leadership. the arizona senator recovered. claiming the nomination, in a comeback, nothing short of astonishing. >> whether it works or not, you are doing the right thing. and that scored with me more than all of the people that laughed and said you really lost it this time, mosbacher. martha: he was 82. he leaves behind a wife and four grown children. gregg: we got word late last night the u.k. raised its terror alert level to the second-highest level, coming up next we'll talk with a counterterrorism expert, to see if great britain's move means the united states needs to be concerned, for its own security. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement
10:42 am
or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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>> i'm jon scott along with jane skinner and we'll see you at the top of the hours and when the hour, the president will be announcing new proposals from his middle class task force, designed to make things easier on middle class americans, a preview in some respects, of his state of the union speech. >> also, breaking news, a little girl is missing, 8 years old and her mother was killed last night, and now she is gone and police would like your help, we'll update you, at the top of
10:45 am
the hour. martha: the u.k. is raising its terror alerpt to the second highest level, from substantial up to severe. which they say indicates that an attack is considered highly likely, in great britain and the british government stressing there is no intelligence suggesting an attack is imminent, though and those things are add odds but will stay there is information that sparked the change in their terror level and experts speculate the move could be connected to intel gathered since the failed attack on' u.s. bound jet on christmas day and a theory britain's home secretary denies. listen to this. >> the fact we have moved to another threat level means we put more resources in, and we heighten the state of vigilance, and it shouldn't be out this to be linked to detroit or anywhere else for that matter, because, i mean, we would obviously not be specific about those kinds of issues. martha: what does that mean? and is there anything we need to know here in the united states
10:46 am
that they seem to know there? let's bring in our homeland security and counterterrorism expert, james carafano from the heritage foundation and the home secretary seems to be down playing this a little bit and why would they raise their level to severe? >> well, you know, you got me. i'm not a big fan of the alert level systems and they use adjectives and we use color codes and at the end of the day people scratch their head and say what does it mean for us and the answer is you cannot do anything and obviously if they had specific information they would take down a plot and we live in these huge, complex societies, with millions of vulnerabilities, and if you try and increase security everywhere you spend all of this money and don't know if it is having an effect. and i just sit here and scratch my head and i don't know why we still do this. martha: i hear what you are saying bus it makes -- raises a lot of questions and one thing that it raises in my mind is is somebody trying to sort of, you know, protectively get ahead of something? so that if something happens, and maybe they don't have a
10:47 am
handle on what exactly it is, they at least say to the public we raised the alert because we were concerned. >> but that sounds like you are playing politics with security and at the end of the day it undermines this is credibility of what you are trying to do and you remember back when president bush raised the alert level and said you are trying to win an election and i'm sure there will be people in britain who say the government wants to be seen being strong. and it is really, really, really problematic. martha: there's a lot of radicalization, of course, going on, in the u.k., and we have seen many instances of it, that have led to, you know, attempts of attacks and attacks and does it tell us anything about what they are picking up on that front and do you think there is any connection to the yemeni group that has also come by way of england? >> well, you really raised the key point, i mean, britain has a unique problem, in that britain has a large islamic population, and has the diaspora from many,
10:48 am
many countries all around the world and they are stuffed into parts of that country, long been a target of domestic radicalization, and we have seen everything come out of britain, international plots, are routed through there and homegrown plots come out of there and, quite honestly, i mean, for being frank about this, the british have tried to close their eyes and ignore that they had a problem until very, very recently and in my mind, how do you know when you are -- you are always in grave danger there and you have these plots all over the place and it seems to me, this is just business as usual in this country and you never know when a bad thing will come out of great britain. martha: does that come from the top and gordon brown has been one of those who has down played some of the threat that exists and is homegrown in the u.k. and does it indicate there is a change in his feeling about how it should be approached. >> that's a great question and i don't know the answer to that and i can told you there are significant differences between the british alert system and our system. our systems -- i mean, it really is a joke, i mean, there is no
10:49 am
infrastructure in the sense that people sit around and have regular meetings and review data, and it is done very much episo episodeically and the britons have a much for sophisticated system of vetting all of these things and it is a conscious decision but, again, when you raise these things and you are putting everybody up on alert everywhere and the enemy only has to attack in one place and some ways you put yourself at a disadvantage and when you try to be strong everywhere you wind up being not strong anywhere. really. martha: good point, jim carafano, thanks, good to talk to you, take care. gregg. gregg: we are hearing president obama's state of the union speech will strongly focus on job creation, and in the meantime there are some companies out there that are looking for applicants, we'll go on the job hunt. and tell you where you can find recess-proof jobs. three minutes from now. rrrrrrrrr
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martha: a pretrial hearing in the murder case against former illinois police officer drew peterson, remember him, got underway, moments ago and now a neighbor is set to take the stand, we heard a lot from the neighbor over the course of the case. and she testified on friday that she does not believe that stacy peterson, the fourth wife, of drew peterson, would ever run off, with another man, and, stacy peterson disappeared in 2007, and drew peterson, who you see here as he was being brought away in handcuffs, chatting with the crowd on his way in and in his characteristic way is charged with killing his third wife, kathleen savio and the hearing is to decide whether prosecutors can use hearsay evidence and they are talking about some of what stacy peterson actually said about what she was told from her husband about kathleen savio's case, whether or not it will be
10:54 am
allowed. gregg: testifying from the grave as they say. martha: indeed. maybe. gregg: hunting for those recession-proof jobs from nursing to retail there are a lot of companies out there that are hiring. several of them are in fields you may not expect. but, they are waiting for your application, anita vogel has details, live from los angeles, hi anita. >> reporter: hi there, greg, we are talking about jobs that stand up in tough times because they're always in demand even in this economy and "forbes" magazine put a list together of the top five recession-proof jobs and let's look at those. number one on the list is a registered nurse. number 2 is retail, any kind of sales associate, and number 3, ups driver, and number 4, occupational therapist and five, financial advisor. and yes, financial advisors are still popular professions even when the economy is weak. listen: >> certainly, people are concerned about their bottom line and need good financial people to help them, weather the
10:55 am
economic storms and then at the same time, you need companies that will find shortages of bright, smart skilled people and those people will be valuable to companies, you know, over time. martha: according to the bureau of labor statistics health care is the industry leading in job gains and yes, the number one job on the forbes list is a registered nurse and we spoke to a number of health care professionals at ucla, nurses and occupational therapists and both say as long as there are patients there will be a need for their jobs and with the nursing shortage around the country, most states are looking for nurses, and makes it easier to get a job and keep a job, and, speaking of those nurses, gregg, nursing salaries are pretty impressive. they range from $50,000 to $100,000 a year, dpng upependin what type of specialty a nurse might go into. gregg: terrific work, learn more about the on the job hunt series
10:56 am
going to our web site, and click on the banner at the top that says job hunt and you'll see job opportunities fox news correspondents are tracking all over the country. martha: have you heard of this one: a woman at the metropolitan museum of art in new york, she took a trip you could say. that cost over $100 million. we'll tell you what happened, right after this. entered
10:57 am
10:58 am
martha: let's talk about an
10:59 am
expensive trip to the museum, a famous painting at the metropolitan museum of art in new york city needs repair work after a woman there with an art class tripped on to the painting, she lost her balance, and fell into the painting, which of course was by pablo picasso and curators said the accident put a 6-inch tear into the painting called the actor. can you imagine, how -- gregg: how do you do that? martha: how do you put a tear in it? the painting -- the museum says no problem, thankfully the tear count in -- gregg: in a critical place! martha: of this $100 million painting. gregg: like right in the middle of the -- >> -- i'd feel awful about that. that's going to do it for us, thank you for joining us. martha: thanks for being here, gregg, and "happening now" starts right now. we'll see you tomorrow


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